Fish Market Process

This page is here to demonstrate the basic way I go about creating a 3D environment.

1. References.


The first thing I do before creating a scene is I look up references. It was easy finding references for my fish market scene, seeing as it's based of the very popular Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo Japan.  


I look through the references for objects that I could make one of and duplicate around the scene: buckets, boxes, lights, etc.


Then I grab key objects that there will only be one of, but will add character to the scene: things like the Tuna fish, or the coffee pot.


2. Concepts.


This step is really important for me. I need to quickly get a simple idea of how I want the scene to be laid out, and what I want specific objects to look like.


I can't just create a bunch of cartoony props, throw them into a room, and expect a scene to look good.

My sketches usually don't even have ink or tone on them, they're just quick thumbnails for me to work out ideas on paper

3. Modeling


Now that I've drawn out my general scene, and some key props, I start modeling a set dressing my scene in Maya.


This gives me a clear picture if I have enough objects modeled to fill my scene.

5. Basic color/Set dressing


Once everything is modeled, I UV and throw a basic color onto everything. Then the objects are exported, imported and set dressed in engine (Unreal 4 in this case)


After basic lights are added, and the general mood is established, I work on establishing a better color pallet on my textures.

After many hours of texturing, tweaking lighting, and rendering, we end up with the final image!